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Representative rooms, communicating with each other and the garden, can accommodate up to 120 seats, or be used for buffet service  or  banquets  for up to 300 guests.

The park covers an area of about 6,000 square meters, allowing the outdoor ceremony to take place, and/or the preparation of a banquet for up to 300 guests.

In case of wheather necessity, guests can be welcomed inside, with a mixed service buffet. 

Upstairs, the Suite of the Spouses will allow you to spend the night in the villa.


Villa Cervi, with its frescoed rooms, the scenic staircase, the large garden, is a sophisticated and intimate setting

for your occasions 

Weddings and 
civilian unions

The spacious environments inside the villa, communicating with each other, but equipped with the ability to be independent, depending on the needs, and the availability of a large kitchen, suitable for preparing meals for restricted groups of people, or to be in support of catering services, make Villa Cervi the perfect place for meetings, seminars and workshops.

The scenic staircase that leads upstairs, as well as the two small grassy parks, can be exploited to highlight the key moments of the event.

Celebrate your birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, or celebration in the magical Villa Cervi.


You can take advantage of the indoor or outdoor dining areas for dinner and toast, while for the afternoon you can welcome your guests to a real dances area in the basement:

the cellar with high vaults and windows in the part top of the walls, is an exclusive setting to offer aperitifs or liquor and a perfect dance floor.

Events and
Parties and
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